Your Digital Footprint – And Why You Should Care

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  • August 15, 2017
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Presented by Luke Wyckoff

There are three major trends in social media happening within the next 18 months. The first are companies concerns for their ratings and rankings. The second is the ability to respond within seconds of an inquires compliments and complaints. The last is engagement. You will hear stories about companies and organizations that are executing these trends flawlessly and hear of the epic fails and mistakes that ill prepared companies are making.

Why Attend?

You’ll leave this session with immediate action items to improve your digital footprint.

Meet the Speaker

One member of his team suggests that Luke’s candle burns at both ends and in the middle. That energy served him well in his early career in sales and training, including 15 years at Development Dimensions International (DDI), an assessment and leadership development company. His drive has only increased with age as Luke serves today as founder and President of Wyckoff Consulting, an executive search firm, and the founder and CVO of Social Media Energy.

He chooses to lead by learning what motivates each team member and then managing him or her accordingly. This skill was taught to him by his sales and leadership mentor Kelly Crofoot. Luke is quick to point out, though, that, “…I mentor, coach and educate, but I don’t motivate—that has to come from within.”

Social Media Energy evolved from Wyckoff Consulting’s client service of posting job description videos on You Tube and later on LinkedIn and Facebook. This was in the early days of social media and one day, when talking to a long-time client about how the company could enhance their overall corporate reputation through these same media, the company’s executives challenged him to do exactly that. Long story short…he did, and Social Media Energy was born. Now, after 8 years, SME manages the social media presence for more than 300 clients with the support of 25 permanent and contracted team members.

Luke vows to keep his company on the forefront as social media evolves. In fact, he’s confident that given the talent of his team, SME will help shape social media’s next iterations. He sees the company continuing to grow, but equally important to him is the “continued development of our team members so they can enjoy a wonderful quality of life while feeling they are a part of something special.”





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