Courage in the Workplace Boosts Success & Profitability

Fear in the workplace can be debilitating. Dr. TC North has seen it, and he has coached countless entrepreneurs, executives and sales leaders to overcome it over the past 20 years.

Dr. TC North - blog BestPart of Dr. North’s formula for thinking like world-class athletes has helped business leaders to conquer fear, build courage and confidence, and achieve the state of mind needed for developing strategic plans and cultures to become high-performance organizations that experience success.

Can you measure the success of executive coaching? You bet! Dr. North’s coaching with executive and sales teams has resulted in dramatically increased revenues – from 26% to 118% in less than a year, and even greater over time.

The tie between Dr. North’s approach to executives and athletes isn’t coincidental – he also has mentally trained Olympic athletes, professional golfers, a professional sports team and U.S. national teams. Dr. North will share some of his insights in the 9 a.m. Keynote session on Friday: “Sharpen Your Focus: Success Secrets of Fearless Leaders.”